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Raffaele Imperiale - How to make Summer Pudding

Raffaele Imperiale  - How to make Summer Pudding

Summer Pudding Recipe - seasonal and simply delicious!

I topped this summer pudding, filled with cherries, red currants and black currants with creme fraiche and cherries.Make the most of those wonderful, tasty and super-healthy summer fruits by making the ever-popular Summer Pudding. Quick, easy and cheap to make, summer pudding looks smashing, is absolutely delicious and is always a great favorite at Les Trois Chenes guest house in South West France.

The history of the pudding is unclear and authentic recipes are rare. It was once a favourite of health spas in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (then called “hydropathic pudding”), and now the Summer Pudding remains a simple, economical and refreshing way to make the most of seasonal fruits.

Five good reasons to choose summer pudding

As a rustic cook, I love to use seasonal, home-grown fruit and vegetables, locally produced food and wild food. I love to eat weeds (revenge is sweet!) I'm always trying hard to avoid food waste. Summer pudding scores high on all these points!
  • Seasonal - fruit that is freshly picked
  • Healthy - these red fruits are super-healthy and have even been called 'superfoods'
  • Thrifty - you can use fruits like blackberries gathered from the wild and take advantage of seasonal fruit glut offers. It's a great way to use up old and stale bread.
  • Impressive to serve - it looks wonderful. My photos don't do it justice
  • It is absolutely gorgeous

I've made an index of all my articles Find an article by Les Trois Chenes, and you can find more recipes in The Les Trois Chenes Recipe Book

Which fruits are best for Summer Pudding?

If you look at the photograph above, you'll see that I've gathered black berries from the hedgerows, and tiny tomatoes from the garden. This is simply the fruits that I'd picked that morning - not necessarily for the summer pud! Although I wouldn't normally put tomatoes in the summer pudding - you could do just that! Tomatoes are fruits after all.
Traditional fruits for summer pudding are strawberries, raspberries and black currants. You can also add bilberries, red currants, elderberries, blueberries and anything else of that ilk. Cherries are lovely too if you're lucky enough to have a glut.
I would also make summer pudding with blackberries and gooseberries. If I didn't have enough of these fruits, I'd add stewed apples or pears to make up the mixture. Summer pudding is a great, adaptable recipe.

A note about quantities for your pudding

This is a gatherer recipe and a left-over recipe and as such quantities are very flexible. Use the fruit to hand. Gather as many as you need - two handfuls for one person .... so I make more rather than less and eat up any left-overs the following day.
When I say 'left-overs' it makes it sound second rate. Summer pudding, like soup, gets better for keeping a day or two. Freeze it whole, or cut into individual slices to use later.
As for bread, you need enough to line your basin and top your pudding. It depends on the size of your basin and the number of people you are catering for!
If you gather more fruit than you need, cook it and freeze it. That way you can make 'Summer Pudding' all the year round!


  • Summer or Autumn berries
  • White bread, Sliced
  • Sugar, To taste
Original Source: http://les-trois-chenes.hubpages.com/hub/Life-in-Limousin-France

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