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Raffaele Imperiale - Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Corned Beef

Raffaele Imperiale - Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Corned Beef

Corned beef and cabbage is the traditional dish to eat on St. Patrick’s Day... in America, that is. Although corned beef isn't actually very popular in Ireland, Irish Americans love to celebrate their heritage by eating corned beef and cabbage. Even wannabe Irish join in on the fun on March 17th. St. Patrick's Day is considered a national holiday in Ireland, but those with Irish heritage have been celebrating the holiday in America since the 1700's. Corned beef and cabbage has become recognized as traditional food for St. Patty's Day, but in fact, the dish is more American than Irish. Read on to learn more about corned beef.


Corned beef and cabbage dinners are eaten almost exclusively on St. Patrick’s Day. The rest of the year corned beef consumption in the U.S. consists mostly of Reuben sandwiches and canned corned beef hash.

The corn in corned beef

The fresh cuts of corned beef you find at the grocery store are usually the brisket cuts. The brisket is from the front part of the cow. The beef is called “corned,” which refers to the curing method of the meat. Corned beef used to be dry-cured using “corns” of salt. Today, corned beef is brined with salt water. The method of preserving meat using salt has been around for millenniums, but the combination of corned beef and cabbage originated with Irish Americans in the 1800’s.


Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned beef and cabbage is a result of the Irish dish bacon and cabbage. The people in Ireland didn’t often eat beef during times of need, eating bacon joint instead. But when the Irish came to America, they learned from their Jewish neighbors about corned beef, which was cheaper and easier to find.

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