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Raffaele Imperiale - 10 Ways to Cook Goat Meat

Raffaele Imperiale - 10 Ways to Cook Goat Meat

Why Goat Meat?

Courtesy of: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2009/04/01/dining/01goat_600.jpgOkay, I know some of you were saying when you read the title – “Eeeewwww goat meat!” (with matching facial expression). But hey why not? Goat meat is actually soft and delicious (if prepared in the right way). For those who want to raise goat, they’re fairly easy to raise and maintain. And they’re healthier to eat.

To fulfill a promise I made to a certain hubber, I am writing this hub on the ways to cook goat meat. I’m not writing about goat meat recipes, just simple descriptions of what they are and how they are prepared. I do hope, despite your misgivings on eating this particular meat, you will enjoy what I write. So, here it goes.

Some Facts About Goat Meat

Before I start on all those ways to cook goat meat, let me just go through a few (trivia) facts about goat and goat meat:
  • Adult goat meat is also referred to as “chevon”. Now wouldn’t it be more, er, sophisticated if you refer to goat meat as “chevon” meat =)?
  • Young goat meat is also called “cabrito”, a Spanish term for goad kid. So, if you want to pull the wool over other people’s eyes, oooppps, I mean avoid the “goat” word, use “cabrito” meat instead.
  • In the Philippines, goat is called “kambing” and it is sometimes served as a “pulutan” or a “beer – match”.
  • Goat is also classified as red meat (along with beef and lamb) but they are leaner and have less saturated fat, calories and cholesterol (great for your diet).
  • Goat is actually the “world’s most popular meat”. In fact, 75% of the world population eats chevon meat. Surprising isn’t it? Goat is one of the main dishes in a lot of areas in the world including the Middle East, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Philippines (of course) and is gaining ground in the U. S. (okay, I may be wrong here, tell me and I will gladly delete the U. S. bit).
  • The best way to cook goat or chevon or cabrito meat? Slow and at low temperatures, to make it more tender and tastier. In some areas of my country, the meat is grilled first before the final phase of cooking.

Ways to Cook Goat Meat

So what are the ways to cook goat meat? Plenty. 10 of these ways are enumerated below. Most of these are common here in the Philippines but, for the others, I picked them up from the Internet:

Kalderetang Kambing or Chevon Meat in Tomato Paste – Soft goat meat cooked in tomato paste with vinegar and pepper. Potatoes and carrots add to the nutritional value of this delicious viand.

Papaitan (from the Filipino word “pait” meaning bitter) – this is roasted goat skin, goat innards and goat tripe with bile, ginger and a tamarind soup base. The ginger and the soup help to offset the bitter taste.

Adobong Kambing – Goat cooked with soy sauce, laurel leaves, pepper, garlic and vinegar. Adobo is actually the Spanish word for marinated.

Kilawing Kambing – Kilawin or kinilaw is our version of eating raw meat or fish (with vinegar, pepper, onions and salt). So you can just imagine what kilawing kambing is. But then again, most of the time, the goat meat is not entirely “raw”. The meat is grilled first (medium rare) before mixing with the other ingredients.

Lechong Kambing (Spit-Roasted Goat) – Whole goat (no innards) cooked on open fire on top of a spit-roast. The whole goat is marinated first before it is cooked, either vertically or horizontally, on top of a spit roast. Lacking the spit roast? No worries, you can cook it in an oven instead.

Braised Kid or Cabrito – The meat is cut in small pieces, fried in butter until brown, then fried with bacon rashers, onion and mushroom. After adding stock or water, the whole thing is boiled then placed in a casserole to be cooked inside an oven for 2 hours. Red wine can also be added in the sauce to make it tastier.

Goat Meat Loaf – meat loaf with ground goat meat. The meat loaf is baked first before it is heated in the microwave oven.

Curried Goat – cubed goat meat with curry powder, thyme, some sugar, garlic, onions and potatoes.

Barbecued Cabrito – this is cooked on an open pan in a 350 deg. oven. Baste the cabrito with barbecue sauce (sugar, tomato sauce, vinegar, butter, cumin, garlic, oregano, pepper and salt) until the meat is tender.

Cabrito Guisado Recipe – cubed goat meat cooked in oil until it is brown. To make it tastier, a spice-garlic paste (peppercorn, cumin, garlic and water) and tomato paste are added. This one can be served with tortilla or cooked rice.

That’s it. The 10 ways to cook goat meat. I hope that by reading this hub and when you encounter cooked goat meat in the future, you will at least try to eat a bite or two. Go ahead. I promise you, you will not regret doing so. Happy eating!

Original Source: http://emievil.hubpages.com/hub/10-Ways-to-Cook-Goat-Meat

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