Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Raffaele Imperiale – Restaurateur

Creator and owner of Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant Grill in New Jersey
Signor Raffaele Imperiale has over twenty years experience in the hospitality and restaurant food industry and has excelled at being the boss of bosses opening and expanding the outstandingly popular and lucrative Pizzeria over the last decade.
The dream began as a small boy staying at home with his Italian grandparents whilst his parents worked hard long hours in their family trattoria.
He spent many an hour watching and learning from his Nonna whilst she lovingly prepared traditional home cooked Italian food. Roasting garlic and bubbling tomato sauces were the background to his days. Addicted to the delicious aromas and cooking sounds as the favourite pasta Napolitana was cooking, Raffaele Imperialeknew his future would also be heavily involved with the creation of delicious food.

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